Gummersbach just ahead of Leipzig

With only seconds to go, Julian Köster ruled in the close duel with 30–29. The back left player made sure SC Leipzig´s unsuccessful streak continued with five losses in a row. On the other hand, VfL Gummersbach cheered for a stabile seventh place.

Arnor Oskarsson recently joined Gummersbach and was released from the very competitive situation on the back right position in Rhein-Neckar Löwen. The loan until the end of the season might just lift Gummersbach to top six, Oskarsson got going with six goals plus two assists in his debut.

Distance colleague and match winner Köster contributed with seven goals overall, while Matej Klima and Viggo Kristjansson joined up for more than half of Leipzig´s goals. The away team was on top for most of the first half and did good to almost catch a point despite a three goal disadvantage with five minutes to go.

Gummersbach managed to stay in top and face another point opportunity towards TBV Lemgo Lippe in the next round. Leipzig is just two points above the relegation zone has a ten day rest period until the crucial game against Bergischer HC.

VfL Gummersbach–SC Leipzig 30-29 (15–15)