Gummersbach and Hannover-Burgdorf got top results

VfL Gummersbach made it to the halfway mark on seventh spot in the table. TSV Hannover-Burgdorf also won their Sunday game, thus having position six in the current ranking.

Gummersbach were very much a team for the middle region in their comeback season 2022/23. Gudjon Valur Sigurdsson have managed to improve the skill set of the team, an array of convincing wins have occurred during the autumn season.

In Leipzig, Gummersbach got their game going to a tight lead, 19–18 after the first half. Dominik Mappes pushed for eight goals in total and found ways through the home defense with five assists. 

Leipzig fell even further behind, despite Viggo Kristjansson and Franz Semper scoring seven times each. Kristjansson finds himself fourth in the top scorer stats and passed 100 in total with steady shots. However, his team were denied in the final standing, with Gummersbach now three points ahead. 

A good team effort with a variety of offensive tools was Hannover-Burgdorf´s key to victory against Bergischer HC. Hannover pulled away with few minutes remaining of the first half, 5–0 meant a six goal lead and the keeper Simon Gade played a vital role when the game was decided.

TSV Hannover-Burgdorf–Bergischer HC 37–28 (19–13)
SC Leipzig–VfL Gummersbach 32–35 (18–19)