Flensburg puts pressure on top duo after comfortable win

Flensburg-Handewitt beat Wetzlar with comfortable 33–26 at home – and now Nicolej Krickaus team puts real pressure on Magdeburg and Füchse Berlin at the top of the table.

After a weak start to the season, Flensburg has begun to recover under Nicolej Krickau’s leadership. This meant that a win in Friday’s meeting with Wetzlar would move up to third place – one point behind Magdeburg and Füchse Berlin at the top of the table.

However, it started tentatively for the home team Flensburg, who managed to go to the half-time break leading 15–12 after a strong end to the half.

But in the second act, Wetzlar’s hopes of scoring quickly faded. The Flensburg defense continued to play at a high level and in the offensive, Krickau’s men got their counter-attacking game going. This allowed Flensburg to run away and win with a comfortable 33–26, which means that they move up to third place.

Jim Gottfridsson and Emil Jakobsen answered for six goals each and contributed to the win – but the MVP of the game was perhaps the goalkeeper Benjamin Buric, who put on an impressive display during the first half.

SG Flensburg-Handewitt–HSG Wetzlar 33–26 (15–12)