Bundesliga: Flensburg chase top duo

Except for the title clash between SC Magdeburg and Füchse Berlin, two other Bundesliga match-ups took place Sunday. SG Flensburg-Handewitt mastered Frisch Auf Göppingen in the end and VfL Gummersbach left Bergischer HC no chance.

Flensburg is just a pair of victories away from the first place, eagerly waiting for a backlash for the top duo. 30 plus goals and solid triumphs seems to be the recipe for March as Flensburg. The final push mattered the most against Göppingen, who tied the game after 53 minutes. 

Then Flensbuerg made a run for 6–1, and the wing players Emil Jakobsen and Johan a Plogv Hansen converted the mistakes of the guests to easy goals.

Ten positions in the table separate VfL Gummersbach and Bergischer HC, which the away team confidently demonstrated. Julian Köster provided precise shots and Ole Pregler found many of the right moments for passes to the line, where Kristjan Horzen produced six goals.

BHC couldn’t compete with the local rival but the battle to evade the relegation spot is still on just a point down from ThSV Eisenach.

SG Flensburg-Handewitt–Frisch Auf Göppingen 35–30 (17–16)
SC Magdeburg–Füchse Berlin 31–28 (16–15)
Bergischer HC–VfL Gummersbach 24–31 (15–15)