Bietigheim with another win in Bundesliga

The top teams were in action to start the spring season. It just brought SG BBM Bietigheim one step closer to defending the title, while HSG Bensheim/Auerbach stand out as leader of the pack after a narrow win.

Bietigheim is still undefeated in the Bundesliga campaign and TuS Metzingen simply couldn´t keep up the pace. 

No matter how Jakob Vestergaard set up his team on the pitch, Bietigheim overpowered the derby opponent. Gabriela Moreschi set the scene with brilliant saves and last quarter replacement Sarah Lønborg was equally tuned in for blocking shots.

Metzingen fought unsuccessful when the pivot Kaba Gassama gained momentum for the home team. Kelly Dulfer´s breakthroughs and Antje Döll´s flexibility were other options to led the way to 40–25.

Thüringer HC versus Bensheim/Auerbach turned out to be a close call until the final whistle. THC took an early lead with 9–5 but allowed the guests to get back for 12-13 at half-time. Lucie-Marie Kretzschmar´s close range shots and Kim Naidzinavicius distance qualities were vital for Bensheim/Auerbach when they extended their lead to three-four goals. 

With two minutes to to Lisa Friedberger found the net with a deciding goal, 23–27 was impossible to catch up even if THC scored three times in a row in the home stretch.

Bietigheim has 27 points, three ahead of Bensheim/Auerbach while Thüringer HC stays at 20 after the Wednesday round.

SG BBM Bietigheim–TuS Metzingen 40–25 (19–10)
Thüringer HC–HSG Bensheim/Auerbach 26–27 (12–13)