Berlin and Magdeburg secured their Champions League spots

For the first time since the 2000/01 season, neither Kiel nor Flensburg are qualified for the Champions League next season. This became a reality after yesterday’s Bundesliga results.

Kiel and Flensburg have been synonymous with the Champions League. However, after Flensburg’s upsetting last-second loss against Eisenach and Füchse Berlin’s victory against Burgdorf yesterday, it was confirmed that neither Kiel nor Flensburg will play Champions League handball next year.

Instead, Magdeburg and Füchse Berlin, who have dominated this year’s Bundesliga, will take the two spots.

Kiel and Flensburg, along with Melsungen, will instead need to turn their focus to the European League, where Flensburg has competed for the last three seasons.