3 takes after Magdeburg-Füchse Berlin: “Magdeburg the better team, Füchse one trick pony, & technical errors”

Magdeburg is the better team, Füchse is too dependent on two of their players, and the technical errors were too many. Here are Ola Selby’s 3 takes after SC Magdeburg defeated Füchse Berlin, 31–28.

Magdeburg the better team – Bundesliga are their for the taking

Well, the table says otherwise. Füchse is still 1 point ahead of Magdeburg (although the reigning Champions League champions have played 23 games compared to Berlin’s 24) at the top of the Bundesliga standings.

But watching this game it was obvious that Berlin still has some ways to go to reach the level of Magdeburg. Sure, they are a fantastic team with amazing players, but as a team, Magdeburg is still the better side.

Bundesliga is once again Magdeburgs for the taking. And considering they are the best team in the world right now it looks like they can achieve their goal of winning the Bundesliga.

Berlin too dependent on 2 players

Almost everything in Berlin’s attacking play is about Mathias Gidsel and Lasse Andersson. Nothing strange about that, the Danes are the top players in the league. Magdeburg, however, can lean on Felix Claar, Gisli Kristjansson, Omar Ingi Magnusson, Janus Smararson, and Albin Lagergren. And those are only the back players (Magnus Saugstrup was the player of the game today).

Gidsel and Andersson both had great games (Gidsel 7 goals and Andersson 9+4) but they also combined for 10 technical errors.

Speaking of technical errors…

Magdeburg hardly made any attacking errors, whilst Berlin struggled. Sure, Berlin was not that lucky with the referees from time to time, but they still had a sloppy game compared to the home side from Magdeburg.

Berlin was in the game all the way through but every time they were close to making it interesting they made a technical error and Magdeburg could play relaxed again. And the decided the game.