3 takes after Kiel–Magdeburg: “Finally Bundesliga, unstoppable Magdeburg & Johansson is back”

Finally Bundesliga again, Magdeburg is unstoppable, and Eric Johansson is back. Here are Ola Selby’s 3 takes after SC Magdeburg defeated THW Kiel, 33–26.

Finally Bundesliga again

We have been waiting a long time. And even though the 2024 Euros was amazing there is nothing quite like Bundesliga. And a top match at that with THW Kiel taking on SC Magdeburg in the northern parts of Germany. This is the most entertaining league in the world with great matches every week – and what a conclusion to the season we have in front of us.

Magdeburg is unstoppable

Kiel won the league last season, but Magdeburg won the EHF Champions League. This season Magdeburg is a lot more complete team than a Kiel team that is extremely uneven. As a matter of fact, Magdeburg has not lost a league game since the 6th of September when top rival Füchse Berlin beat them, 31–26. After that loss, Magdeburg has gone without a loss in 16 league games in a row, including tonight’s win against Kiel. Impressive! This season everything looks like the league title will end up in either Berlin or Magdeburg. And it’s in these two teams that the two best players in the league are playing: Felix Claar in Magdeburg and Mathias Gidsel in Berlin. Kiel can probably forget winning the league title this year.

Eric Johansson is back

Last season Eric Johansson took the Bundesliga by storm, scoring at will and proving to be the spark that Kiel needed to win the league. This season however the 23-year-old has not played at the same level as last year and during the Euros, it was obvious that the confidence was not there. Tonight however Johansson played great and was Kiel’s best player of the game, adding 6 goals and 7 assists to his name.