3 takes after Füchse Berlin–Flensburg: “Gidsel vs Pytlick, Milosavljev, & two-horse race”

Gidsel vs Pytlick, Dejan Milosavljev’s performance, and the two-horse race in the Bundesliga. Here are Ola Selby’s 3 takes after Füchse Berlin defeated SG Flensburg-Handewitt, 32–31.

Mathias Gidsel vs Simon Pytlick

It has been said that the two Danish stars have never played against each other. At least not in a game. But the two friends from GOG of course know each other very well and that was obvious during tonight’s game, their first-ever meeting. Both players had a decent game but failed to live up to their full potential. Maybe they know each other too well? Gidsel had 6 goals, 3 assists, and 4 technical errors. Pytlick had 6 goals, 4 assists, and 1 technical error.

Dejan Milosavljev – best goalkeeper in the Bundesliga?

Is Dejan Milosavljev the best goalkeeper in the Bundesliga? According to the statistics he is. And the Serbian keeper is actually a lot better than the second-best keeper, at least when it comes to the amount of saves. And against Flensburg, it was again obvious just how great he is. In the first half, the 27-year-old had 11 saves and 47 %. The Serbian ended up with 15 saves and 33 %.

Two-horse race in the Bundesliga

Before the break for the 2024 Euros, Magdeburg and Berlin were the two best teams in the Bundesliga. And the start to the second half of the season seems to be following in those footsteps. Magdeburg beat Kiel easily and tonight Berlin was the better team against Flensburg. There are a lot of games left in the season, so is it too soon to declare the Bundesliga a two-horse race between Magdeburg and Berlin? I don’t think so. These two teams are quite simply better than the third and fourth-best teams in the league, and I think it would surprise a lot of people if none of these two teams were crowned champions in June.