Top trio rule in Starligue

Paris Saint-Germain, HBC Nantes and Montpellier HB each passed another hurdle in the Starligue Sunday round. Initially the visit of Fenix Toulouse in Nantes promised to be intense but the qualities of the home team, 40–30.

Number two versus number four in the tables was decided by many high-speed actions from Nantes. The left side of the top team was especially efficient, eight goals from both Thibaud Briet and Valero Rivera contributed to a major, ten-goal-win. 

A 7-0-run from minute 28 to 39 left Toulouse without hope and the away team will have a hard time in improving their position onwards.

Nantes is five points behind PSG who accelerated considerably after the first quarter in Limoges. The usual suspects, centre back Luc Steins and pivot Kamil Syprzak were very much involve in the goal process and Jannick Green obstructed Limoges with 13 saves. 

Three wins in a row has solified Montpellier’s third position. All in all it was job done in Creteil after a second half where the guests slowly but surely buffered up, four goals between the teams became nine in the end.

Creteil–Montpellier 26–35
Limoges–PSG 29–36
Nantes–Toulouse 40–30