Rumour: Nantes reaches agreement with Fenix Toulouse-star

Abdi Ayoub is one of the biggest starts in the French league. But according to information from rthandball he seems to be lost for Fenix Toulouse – as he has signed a contract with Nantes.

Abdi Ayoub has been one of the biggest profiles in the French league since his move to Fenix Toulouse 2019. The Algerian international has excelled as one of the most prolific goalscorers och the French Starligue.

But according to information from the Instagram-account rthandball Nantes has reached an agreement with Ayoub. rthandball claims that a contract has already been sealed and that Ayoub will join the club from the upcoming season.

Ayoub sits on a contract that expires after the season, something that would make an agreement possible at the moment.

At the moment Ayoub is also one of three players that are nominated as players of the month in the French league. The other nominated players are Dino Slavic and Chema Marquez.

Source: rthandball