PSG on steady course in Starligue

Not even Montpellier HB and away ground could stop Paris Saint-Germains victory streak in Starligue. Kamil Syprzak thrived off pivot opportunities and penalty execution until 31-26 for the capital team.

The lead changed hands a couple of times early in the Sunday match. However, when PSG found a higher gear with Syprzak (13 goals in all) and Ferran Sole´s speedy actions the gap was indefinitely opened.

Montpellier fought hard to catch up, Hugo Monte Dos Santos and Valentin Porte presented back court threat for the home team. Still, PSG never allowed an equaliser and the four goals in a row until 19–24 effectively ended the discussion. 

PSG is six points up on HBC Nantes (36–30), while Montpellier is trailing with 27 points. The 2021/22 season was the last time Paris Saint-Germain managed to win all league games in Starligue.

Montpellier HB–Paris Saint-Germain 26–31 (13–15)