Patrice Canayer said adieu to Montpellier

The season finale saw Montpellier HB beat Fenix Toulouse 33–25 and reach third spot in the Starligue table. Above all, it was an emotional evening as Patrice Canayer led the home team for the last time after his 30-year-long coaching career.

A guard of honor announced that there was something very special surrounding the last round in FDI Stadium. Montpellier had the victory in the bag very early and focus turned to the trainer. 

With less than a minute to go, a time-out was called and the audience gave Canayer a huge ovation for the entire minute. 

Soon after, the end of the season was a fact and the 63-year-old took the stage for more tribute, speeches and celebrations.

– I gave a lot but I also received a lot over 30 years. The first word that comes to me is gratitude, Canayer said according to Midi Libre.

Canayer brought 37 domestic titles and two Champions League trophies (2003 and 2018) to MHB.

Montpellier HB–Fenix Toulouse 33–25 (18–14)