Paris Saint-Germain near loss against Toulouse

Fenix Toulouse made Paris Saint-Germain suffer a surprising point loss, the first of the season in Starligue. As a matter of fact, the capital team fared even worse in the first half and was slightly saved by a comeback after the break.

PSG isnt´t likely to be stopped until another title is brought home. Toulouse showed there might be an occasional stumble for the champion in the short run.

Nemanja Ilic started strong on the left wing for the guests and Ayoub Abdi soon produced solid shots from the right back position. PSG couldn’t keep up and trailed seven goals behind at half time.

Andreas Palicka between the posts managed to make important saves, as PSG closed the gap Luc Steins often found attacking solutions.

Elohim Prandi finally tied it, 29–29 with three minutes to go. Palicka stopped the final try of Toulouse, despite a time-out Paris couldn’t execute a winning attempt and Toulouse cheered for an impressive away effort. PSG is five points up on HBC Nantes, still in charge of the action.

Also on Sunday, Montpellier HB shut Nimes HB down by only allowing 16 goals. Chartres HB gained momentum in the mid-region and ran away from Chambery Savoie towards the end.

Paris Saint-Germain–Fenix Toulouse 29–29 (12–19)
Chambery Savoie–Chartres HB 25–30 (15–16)
Nimes HB–Montpellier HB 16–27 (9–15)