Nantes secured top two in Starligue

With only three rounds to go, Montpellier HB and HBC Nantes offered an exciting duel in the battle for a Champions League spot. Nantes got the upper hand in the end and became untouchable for the rival with a 33–31 win.

Nantes had a solid four point lead as the away game started Friday night. Aymeric Minne entered a productive mode and mixed own successful shots with well-found passes for his teammates. 

Montpellier found the net via Lucas Pellas penalties and wing angles, Yanis Lenne on the far right side also joined in the tight game development. 

The home side still pushed for two points when Pellas made 29–28 from the seven meter line. But the final minutes belonged to Nantes, Minne opened a small gap and 29-32 by Theo Monar effectively decided the outcome. 

With Nantes six points ahead of Montpellier the Champions League contenders are set in the top. PSG still leads with one point and one game in hand in the title race.

Montpellier HB–HBC Nantes 31–33 (16–14)