Jorge Maqueda aims for French title as HBC Nantes extends contract

Jorge Maqueda, the experienced right back for HBC Nantes, is extending his contract until 2025.

– I am very happy because my goal was to continue with ‘H.’ The club was satisfied with my work, so logically, it made sense for me to continue. For me, it was obvious because I am happy here; it’s my second home, says Jorge Maqueda to the club’s website.

Reflecting on his return to the club in 2022 after several years in Eastern Europe, he notes the substantial growth of the club and expresses a desire to win the French championship to further solidify the project. Maqueda, a champion in Macedonia and Hungary, dreams of adding the French title to his achievements.

–To further strengthen the project, we must win the French championship. It’s a very good goal for the club, and I believe we’re not far from it anymore. I hope to win it before the end of my career. I was there for the club’s first trophy, so I hope to be there when they achieve this long-awaited title, says Jorge Maqueda to the club’s website.

Source: HBC Nantes