Ramazan Döne still going strong in Sakarya

A bit of experience helps a lot, and Ramazan Döne offers plenty to his Turkish team Sakarya BSB. Döne´s previous teammates suffered ion the receiving end as the right back scored 23 goals in a recent top game, Sakarya beat Besiktas 43–38.

Handballpremium puts the spotlight on Döne´s performance in social media. The 42-year-old was top scorer for Sakarya in their short European Cup campaign and put on the national jersey to produce goals for the World Cup qualifications earlier this winter. 

That being said, Döne´s capacity certainly becomes a top quality in the domestic Superlig. As Sakarya and Besiktas race for the title, Döne shone and put penalties, break through and distance attempts all safely in the net on 23 different occasions.

After 15-16 of 20 planned rounds, Besiktas two points lead is due to the fact that the Istanbul has played one more game. Sakarya fought back to tie the head-to-head-statistics after Döne´s exceptional game.