Kadetten Schaffhausen won deciding final

Kadetten Schaffhausen defended the title in Switzerland after a five-match-duel against HC Kriens-Luzern. Schaffhausen reached the gold level in the beginning of the second half and stepped up to the mark with 32–25.

Schaffhausen was indeed in trouble with an early loss in the final series and a capacity that couldn’t shake off Kriens-Luzern. The guest also put the reigning champion to a test in the final act, Kevin Bonnefoi had a good start between the posts and Marin Sipic´s pivot actions made sure Kriens-Luzern was in the lead for most of the first half. 

The tide turned after the break and Kadetten could go from 15–14 to 23–16. The wing players, Odinn Thor Rikhardsson and Marvin Lier were vital when Schaffhausen pulled away.  

Kadetten celebrated their third championship in a row and the third title during 2023/24. Next year, the star team will have to cope with the loss of captain Lukas Herburger, who has signed for Füchse Berlin. Joan Canellas also leaves, in the case of the Spaniard a great international career ended with the title in Switzerland.

Kadetten Schaffhausen–Kriens-Luzern 32–25 (12–12)