Brühl on top in Switzerland

Five dramatic finals decided the gold team from the silver squad in the Swiss championship. LC Brühl won the title and took a unique triple to complete an excellent season.

Brühl faced GC Amiticia Zürich in the tight final series. The goal difference saw Brühl in command with 143–141 and the goals were evenly distributed over the five matches.

In front of the home crowd, Brühl had a few breakaways in the ultimate duel, mainly because of Malin Altherr´s goal production. 

However, Zürich fought on, nerves and mistakes from Brühl led to a lost lead. The guests managed to overturn 24–20 to a one-goal-advantage and Brühl had to rely on King Gutowska´s equaliser with five seconds to go.

During the extra time, Brühl scored first on many occasions with responding hits from Zürich. Gutowska´s match winning qualities became useful once again and 31–30 lay the grounds for the celebrations in Kreuzbleiche Arena.

Since the first edition in 1970, Brühl has won 33 finals in Premium League. As an extra treat, the achievement to win all three trophies including the Super Cup and Swiss Cup was historic.

Amitica Zürich was a formidable challenger in hope of a second gold, but the 20-year-wait was prolonged.

LC Brühl– GC Amiticia Zürich 31–30 after extra time (26–26, 12–11)