New goalkeeper duo in GOG

The current goalkeeper duo in GOG Håndbold, Tobias Thulin and Matthias Dorgelo Rex, are off to new adventures next season. The replacements in Gudme have been introduced: Peter Johannesson and Salah Boutaf.

A completely new goalkeeper duo in the Danish club next season is signed and sealed. Peter Johannesson has played in the Bundesliga for a lot of years now and is currently at Bergischer. But from next season on it’s Denmark and GOG instead for the 31-year-old.

– The Danish league gets stronger and stronger for every year that passes and GOG has achieved great things in Europe, something I want to contribute to from now on. I would like to play for medals and GOG is a step up the ladder for me, Johannesson says.

Boutaf is not as experienced as Johannesson, but he has been a great keeper for Skanderborg this season.