Golden League: Draw between Denmark and Norway

Yesterday, Norway faced the reigning world champions Denmark in the Golden League. Denmark had a five-goal lead after 54 minutes. However, the final result ended up being 27–27.

Towards the end of the match, Denmark was leading 26-21. But after a less successful period for Nikolaj Jacobsen’s team, the game ended in a draw. The Danes made some costly mistakes that ultimately cost them the victory against Norway.

– It was a bit up and down, I would say. We didn’t solve all the things we wanted to. But I actually think that, overall, we stood really well in defense. In the end, it was slightly affected by me making at least a few stupid technical mistakes. Generally speaking, we threw away some stupid balls, and they scored some easy goals, and then they caught up in the end, says Mikkel Hansen to TV 2 Denmark.

– I’m sorry that we didn’t win. I think we succeeded in many aspects, but right now it’s frustrating that when you have a five-goal lead, you throw away the victory. However, that wasn’t the most important thing today. It was about practicing a lot of formations, says Nikolaj Jacobsen to TV 2 Denmark.

Denmark–Norway 27–27 (13–15)

Source: TV 2 Denmark – Mikkel Hansen

Source: TV 2 Denmark – Nikolaj Jacobsen