Danish Olympic squad unveiled: Jesper Jensen’s unexpected selections

On Thursday morning, Jesper Jensen announced the players who will make up the Danish women’s national team for the Olympics. The most notable name is Mette Tranborg.

The Olympics in Paris are approaching rapidly, and it is time for the national coaches to present their squads. On Thursday, Jesper Jensen selected the players who will make up the Danish women’s national team.

Mette Tranborg is among the 14 players who have been selected, which might be somewhat surprising. She has been out with an ACL injury for almost a year and has yet to make a comeback. Nevertheless, Mette Tranborg, who has played 109 international matches, has received the happy news that she will attend her first Olympics.

– Mette Tranborg has not been selected as a right back. She has been selected as a defender. It is in defense where she can contribute and make a positive difference. This is important to emphasize. At the same time, she can cover the right wing if Trine Østergaard needs a short break. If Tranborg continues her development and form-building, she will be completely ready for the Olympics. I have no doubt about that, says Jesper Jensen to the Danish Handball Federation’s website.

Another player who has also been out for a long time with an injury is Katrine Heindahl. However, she has returned to the handball court and gained playing time at the end of the season, which has led to her selection for the Olympics.

– We believe she is ready. She played a half in the Final4 and is one of the national team’s absolute mainstays. She is included because we know she will make a significant contribution to the team, Jensen explains.

The Danish women’s national team:

Althea Reinhardt, Odense Håndbold
Sandra Toft, Györ ETO KC

Back players:
Anne Mette Hansen, Metz Handball
Line Haugsted, Györ ETO KC
Mette Tranborg, Team Esbjerg
Kristina Jørgensen, Metz Handball
Louise Vinter Burgaard, Metz Handball
Simone Petersen, Ikast Håndbold
Mie Højlund, Odense Håndbold

Line players:
Sarah Iversen, Ikast Håndbold
Rikke Iversen, Team Esbjerg
Katrine Heindahl, Team Esbjerg

Trine Østergaard, CMS Bucuresti
Emma Friis, Ikast Håndbold

Michala Møller, Team Esbjerg
Helena Elver, Odense Håndbold
Anna Kristensen, Team Esbjerg

Source: Danish Handball Federation