Confirmed: Overby leaves København Håndbold

In the summer of 2022, Rasmus Overby left Sävehof. He has since been active in København Håndbold. But now the collaboration ends with immediate effect, the club announces on its website.

In the summer of 2022, Ramus Overby left the role of coach for Sävehof and subsequently he has been in charge of København Håndbold in the Danish league. But the time in the Danish capital has not turned out as planned and now it is clear that the collaboration ends with immediate effect.

On its website, the club announces that the weak sporting results mean that it now chooses to move on in separate directions, while at the same time expressing its gratitude for the work that Overby has put in during his time at the club.

“It is never easy when a club finds itself in a situation where the sporting aspect does not turn out as desired. We are a club with great ambitions and have assessed that for most of 2023 we have lacked the necessary stability and development. Both parties had an option on the collaboration in the 2024/2025 season and we have judged that the right thing for the club is to stop the collaboration already now,” club owner Kim Mikkelsen writes on the club’s website.

København Håndbold also writes that it hopes to introduce a new head coach, who will lead the team together with assistant coach Mikkel Thomassen, shortly.

Source: København Håndbold