Asian Championship: The favorites got the job done

Qatar is one of the biggest favorites in the Asian Championship. And during the Friday, they entered the tournament in style by dismissing Chinese Taipei with 33–26. 

Qatar has won the last five editions of the Asian Championship and is one of the biggest favorites during this year’s tournament in Bahrain. 

During the Friday, Qatar entered the competition as big favorites against Chinese Taipei – and they stood up well. After getting an early lead, Qatar managed to hold off their opponents and win by a comfortable margin and get off to a good start. 

In Friday’s other games Republic of Korea did their part in the tight game against China. Kuwait also held their cool as they managed to get two points after a thrilling ending in the game against Oman. 

Asian men’s Championship

Chinese Taipei–Qatar 26–33 (11–17)
New Zeeland–Iran 13–40 (7–20)
Oman–Kuwait 26–27 (11–13)
China–Republic of Korea 30–32 (12–12)